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Increasing efficiency/reducing residence time in Stoving/Curing Ovens for Jellies

Request Number 184903 | Author Mondelēz International


Mondelēz is interested in alternate technologies & approaches to increase efficiency during the Stoving/Curing Oven process, including but not limited to upstream formula/process modifications that then lead to reduced product residence time in the Stoving/Curing Oven process, and/or actual modifications to the Stoving/Curing Oven process.


Mondelēz International has a wide portfolio of Jellies/Gummies products across our global network. Many of these products utilize conventional Stoving/Curing ovens as part of the production process. Typically, the residence time that the products spend in these ovens is quite long, leading to challenges in keeping up with growing demand in new/growing consumer markets. Therefore, the Stoving/Curing oven process could be considered as a bottleneck to expansion in the Jellies/Gummies area, requiring high Capex investment (e.g., buying new ovens) in order to increase production capabilities.

Key Success Criteria

Ideas that could significantly reduce the product residence time in the Stoving/Curing Oven process and/or increase efficiency of this process, without compromising on Product Quality, Sensorial characteristics, Food Safety, Regulatory compliance, Manufacturing Safety (e.g., ATEX), HSE requirements are of interest

Solutions should be ready, or not far from being ready to implement.

What We Aren't Interested In

Changes that lead to a completely different finished product (e.g., proposed solutions where it will not be possible to "match" the current Mondelēz Jellies/Gummies products on the market).

Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we're open to various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships but looking for ready-to-commercialize or late phase development solutions.

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