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Saturated Fat Substitutes

Request Number 182858 | Author Mondelēz International


We are looking for ingredient solutions that enable us to reduce saturated fat in fat-continuous products (e.g., chocolate confectionery) without compromising texture. Specifically, we are looking for technologies that enable saturated fat reduction in chocolate confections without compromising critical sensory aspects and processibility.


As part of our ongoing efforts to making the right snack for the right moment, we are exploring ingredients that can reduce saturated fat, while maintaining the texture that consumers love.

Key Success Criteria
  • Food appropriate (microbiological & toxins)
  • No known digestive concerns at 15g/day or more
  • Suitable for food approval with usage levels of at least 15g/day (in EU & UK/North America/Latin America markets)
  • Delivers at least 30% saturated fat reduction in chocolate confections & no compromise on snap, mouthfeel, moldability, withstands normal chocolate processing conditions, remains solid for at least 6 months under ambient conditions
  • Compatible with cocoa butter
  • Clean label and sustainable options will be prioritized
Possible Approaches

Any which is food grade and safe

What We Aren't Interested In
  • Solutions that increase sugar, trans fat or sodium content of food products
  • Solutions that have not been demonstrated in fat continuous confectionery (chocolate confectionery)
  • Technologies that add air to products to increase volume but have no effect on g/ 100 g basis
Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we're open from laboratory scale to "ready to commercialize" novel ingredients and/or various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships

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