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Innovative & Cost-effective cooling technologies

Request Number 181542 | Author Mondelēz International


We are interested in innovative cooling technologies & design solutions that can maintain temperature of 18-22C in ambient temperatures of +40C and with pull down time (time taken to bring load to specified temperature) < 4 hours. Our visicoolers are subjected to stringent retail conditions like frequent opening and closing, heat loss through the glass doors, exposure to higher ambient temperature vs domestic refrigeration systems so these must be kept in mind while designing any solution.


At Mondelēz International, we want to be the best snacking company in the world and that's why we put our consumers at the heart of everything we do. We are implementing innovative ideas and tactics at all levels, driving growth in new channels, and building new and existing partnerships that best serve our consumers. As part of our growth journey, we are working on improving penetration in rural areas, in markets like India. This becomes challenging for products such as Chocolates which require temp control in order to maintain their quality, especially in high tropical conditions (+40C).

At present, glass-panelled cooling equipment (visicoolers) of various capacities (15L-1000L) and configurations, ranging from counter-top to bigger models are used, which have become vital for driving revenue, and to gain competitive advantage while maintaining the product characteristics & eat experience. The countertop models are the most used as they are easy to adapt to smaller stores (15-60L).

Mondelēz International is interested in opportunities to optimise the cost, performance and life of these visicoolers through tech and design innovation.

Key Success Criteria
  • Solutions must be amenable to trade conditions, more specifically:
    • Have low footprint to fit on countertops (3-5 sqft); target capacity of 15-60L
    • Must be cost competitive vs. standard compressor cooling technology
    • Ensure visibility of product & branding
    • Require minimum intervention from retailer; (Plug and Play solution)
    • Is long lasting, easy to maintain, and scalable
    • Have a low carbon footprint
  • Solutions should ensure similar (or better) shopper experience & product range visibility
  • They should be ideas that can be executed at scale
  • Ready to deploy solutions or solutions with proof-of-concept data
Possible Approaches
What We Aren't Interested In
  • Solutions that require effort and intervention from the retailer
  • Solutions that require significant skill to use
  • Me-too ideas with no meaningful advantage vs. current solution
Preferred Collaboration types

We would prefer to have commercialized or ready to commercialize solutions but are open to various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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