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Modelling & simulation to reduce product development times

Request Number 175330 | Author Mondelēz International


Digital tools and capability to accelerate our journey to faster, better and lower cost product, process and package delivery that keeps our consumers at the center of everything we do:

1) "Search & Reapply" existing models developed for product, process or package for:

  • Product: biscuit/cookie, Gum, Candy & Chocolate formulation, baking/roasting/curing & stability/strength "Shelf Life" models to delight our consumers;
  • Process: mixing, shaping, forming, depositing, filling, coating, heating (ovens), cooling, conveying;
  • Packaging: bag and box filling, automated packaging design and selection, shipping durability and optimization, shelf life through transit, shelf and in home

2) Data collection, integration and activation that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) approaches to keep the consumer at the center of everything we do:

  • Predict in-market responses to product, process and package changes;
  • Recommend product, and package opportunities based on in-market consumer dynamics

3) Deployment and Adoption across a large technical organization (and into key partners through key decision points)


Mondelez RDQ has an agressive agenda to deliver a mature digital infrastructure that wil allow us to be faster (reduce R&D cycle times by eliminating physical testing) at producing better products, processes and packages to delight our consumers, thus driving revenue while reducing costs. In order to deliver this in the required timeline, we cannot afford to (re)invent and develop every model required to build this digital toolkit, we need to "Search & Reapply" existing models and capability.

Key Success Criteria
  • Functional models deployed and delivering tangible value at a fraction of the time and cost it would take us to build the models ourselves.
Possible Approaches
  • Partner owned model application and deployment;
  • Tech transfer to Mondelēz modellers to adapt, deploy and support internally
What We Aren't Interested In

Pure "consultation"

Preferred Collaboration types

Ideal partnerships will be formed with individuals/companies working in or with similar/adjacent industries that can prove they had built the relevant type of model we are seeking in any given space.

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