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New technologies for real time, in-process data measurement, recording and transmission

Request Number 174704 | Author Mondelēz International


We are looking for micro data loggers or real-time communications for data collection of multiple variables within the manufacturing processes. Needs to be pill sized or smaller for many applications to flow through the manufacturing line like "an added ingredient" and retrieved at the end. Applicable for all products with a specific interest from Jelly Candies due to challenges of the stoving step.


Semiconductor technologies can minimize the size power requirements and, when designed for mass manufacturing, the cost structures as well. Such microsensors are generally thought to offer a better sensitivity, accuracy, dynamic range, and reliability compared to their larger bespoke counterparts. Another critical benefit is to be able to monitor process where standard devices can not fit.

Key Success Criteria
  • Compatible with products as small as jelly candies;
  • Suitable to measure multiple parameters at the same time (e.g. temperature/moisture/air flow rate/total solids);
  • Real time measurements/communication to database/standard interfacing with readily available software that can combine multiple variables to forecast product and process behavior;
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions (extreme temperatures and pressure conditions);
  • Wireless, harsh environments with temperatures up to 100°C;
  • Food safe and traceable i.e. a way to locate the sensors at any point of the manufacturing process (e.g. for Jellies, after stoving step)
Possible Approaches
  • Micro- or nano-technology for sensors/software with data integration (google home type of emulator)
What We Aren't Interested In

Single purpose loggers with size larger than a jelly candy

Preferred Collaboration types

At this moment we are open to most types such as  Research, Development Contract, Licensing, Joint Development, Supply and Patents.

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