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Highly available and affordable alternatives to Palm Kernel oil

Request Number 172148 | Author Mondelēz International


We are looking for alternatives to Palm Kernel Oil which are not considered premium fats and have a potentially fully scalable supply chain. Can be a single drop in replacement or a blend of ingredients to cover the full functionality of the Palm oils currently used.


A number of blends of different premium fats can replace Palm Kernel but all of the currently available have  prohibitive cost structures.

Key Success Criteria
  • Oils that can mimic sensory (texture, melting), physical (melting point, etc.) and chemical properties (fatty acids profile that impacts processing). (Latter is discretionary, others are  mandatory)
  • Cost advantaged compared to premium fats as coconut oil ( at least 20 % min)
  • Not to be classed by consumers as "ultra-processed" foods.
  • Must be seen as sustanabile (free for the associations Palm has with deforestation etc.)
Possible Approaches

New sources/ novel local oils (e.g. Macaúba from Cerrado in Brazil)/ oil hybridization

What We Aren't Interested In

Coconut derived fats or Hydrogenation as a process for obtaining the fat; alternatives built with composing mono and di-glycerides and waxes; GMO (or biological engineered sources

Preferred Collaboration types

At this moment we are open to Licensing and Supply (ideas closer to commercialization)

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