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Natural high-intensity sweetener / sweetener systems with compatible bulking agents

Request Number 170931 | Author Mondelēz International


Natural alternatives to substitute sugar/ sweetening systems (sugar/hybrid sugar + artificial high intense), as close as possible to sucrose sweetness and flavor profile. When the sugar being replaced has been used to add bulk, the sweetener system must be or must work with an identified bulking agent


Some current options on the market (monk fruit and apple, for example) are known but they are not cost competitive and are difficult to handle. Limited availability is another limitation.

Key Success Criteria
  • Shelf stable and easy handling (to move physically move / process, its solubility, dispersion, stability with regards to water uptake etc);
  • Similar to the flavour profile of sucrose;
  • No off notes;
  • Not labelled as sugar in different geographies;
  • Cost reference to be that of fructose, dextrose and other readily available sugars
Possible Approaches

Open to all aproaches except those listed below

What We Aren't Interested In

Existing market ready versions of Stevia (taste) and Monk Fruit (cost)

Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we're open to various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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