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Soluble & insoluble fibers without digestive intolerance

Request Number 170317 | Author Mondelēz International


We are looking to identify innovative soluble and insoluble fibers that can be used as bulking agents in various food and snack formats to allow for reduction of sugars, fats and other ingredients to develop great tasting lower sugar or fat products.


As part of our ongoing efforts to making the right snack for the right moment, we are exploring natural ingredients that can be alternatives to fats and sugars, while maintaining the taste and texture that consumers love.

Key Success Criteria
  • Food appropriate (microbiological & toxins)
  • Can replace sugar providing the same physical end product
  • Non-laxating clean label
  • Kitchen logic
  • They minimally absorb both water and oil and are either less than 30 microns in size or can be milled down to this size
  • Cost similar to sugar (e.g 2-3 times)
  • Naturally occuring materials
Possible Approaches
  • Can be extracts or co-products of e.g. agricultural streams
  • Can be compound or composite materials
What We Aren't Interested In

Commercially available sugars on inert carriers. Fibers that absorb substantially more than their own weight of oil.

Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we're open to "ready to commercialise" novel material and/or various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships

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