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Gluten free bakery ingredients and technologies

Request Number 161947 | Author Mondelēz International


We are looking to identify technologies that replace the structure, texture and taste provided by the gluten protein network in bakery products or changes the protein structure to radically increase tolerance.


Gluten intolerance/sensitivity awareness is growing across the globe. In the US alone, three million Americans have celiac disease and an estimated 18 million Americans have non-celiac gluten sensitivity ('gluten sensitivity'). Currently there's a lack of alternatives that can mimic all functionalities of gluten such as volume, texture and appearance.

Key Success Criteria
  • Can replace physical and nutritional properties of gluten in bakery products;
  • Matching flavour profiles;
  • Comparable shelf life as finished goods;
  • Scalable supply chain
Possible Approaches
  • Improved gluten free grain/seeds/fruits/uplift food flours/breeding for low ATI (amylase trypsin inhibitors ) content
  • Wheat
What We Aren't Interested In

Nut flours, other ingredients that meet only one of the gluten functionalities

Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we're open to various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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