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Resilient sensors for crop monitoring in the field and robotic application of control agents

Request Number 154906 | Author Mondelēz International


We are looking for new/cheaper/more resilient sensors capable of measuring different crop environmental conditions for better crop management – e.g. water availability for plants, temperature, water flow rates out into the fields, soil & remote data collection. And novel ways of applying control agents in an automated manner.


In general, the more measurements taken in a cropping system leads to better crop performance and efficiency. It follows that increased agricultural production and profitability while simultaneously minimizing the environmental impact requires key agricultural parameters to be monitored on a continuous basis. Especially with respect to controlling the over application of hazardous products such as pesticides and fertilizers. One of the biggest challenges to date with the sensors has been cost and longevity when exposed to in-field environmental conditions.   This results in a loss of time, money and critical data.  Also, commercially available sensors often lack compatibility with many of the data logging systems and the software packages for processing the data. We are also aware of many new non biological or chemical control agents being developed such as electric weed control systems.

Key Success Criteria
  • Easy to install and use/ wireless
  • Store data in the cloud
  • Compatible with other off-the-shelf data software
  • Being able to attach to drones
  • Low end to end total cost (sensor + maintenance + replacement + software)
  • Multi sensing consistent devices
  • Able to survive tough environmental conditions
Possible Approaches

(are not limited to) biological (including chemical and gas analyzers), water sensors, meteorological sensors, weed seekers, optical cameras, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), photometric sensors, soil respiration or moisture, photosynthesis, Leaf Area index (LAI), range finders, Dendrometers, hygrometers. Electromagnetic/ Acoustic wave/ Fiber optic / Microelectromechanical systems sensors

What We Aren't Interested In


Preferred Collaboration types

At this moment we are open to most types such as Research, Development Contract, Licensing, Joint Development and Supply

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