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State-of-the-art technologies for monitoring and measurement of crop health and yield

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Innovative methods and tools for continuous, in-season monitoring and measurement of cocoa tree health status and yield to inform pre-emptive actions to limit tree damage or yield loss and allow for efficient use of resources.


Pest and disease and climate change pose a major threat to future cocoa production. Up to 40% of the annual global cocoa harvest is lost to pest and disease and climate change will exacerbate losses by exposing trees to more frequent climate extremes and new pests and diseases. These losses mean not only a loss of revenue from lower yields but wasted inputs such as irrigation, fertiliser and labour. Traditional methods of monitoring crops in terms of both health and yield rely on manual labour. In the case of cocoa, in-season monitoring of yield is based on regular, manual counting of pods at different stages of maturity. Similarly, field scouting is used to monitor pests and disease. These methods are not only costly but also prone to human error. Crop health monitoring and pod counting solutions that enable continuous, real-time, in-season tracking could allow for more accurate monitoring and measurement with fewer labour resources. Digital collection of data would also enable long-term records to be developed to better understand yield challenges to cocoa in a changing climate.

Key Success Criteria
  • Technology proven in similar crops and preferably tropical climates.
  • Should have Proof-of-concept data / ready to deploy solutions.
  • Clear description of technology and how it works.
  • Able to survive tough environmental conditions
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Scalable.
Possible Approaches

(are not limited to) AI image analysis, electronic noses and other emerging sensing solutions (e.g. for plant volatiles)

What We Aren't Interested In

Commonly available digital agriculture solutions.

Preferred Collaboration types

At this moment we are open to most types such as Research, Development Contract, Licensing, Joint Development and Supply

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