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Effective technologies for decanting confectionary fluids from road tankers

Request Number 100123 | Author Mondelēz International


Mondelēz, the world's largest snacking business, transports vast quantities of fluids throughout its global network in road tankers. These are usually either fat based fluids, non-Newtonian fluids and/or high viscous fluids. Some of these materials are produced internally, some are procured from external sources. We needlessly transport residual fluids around our network and often we pay for material still left in a tanker. Typically, these losses during transport range between ~0.5% to 1%. From a sustainability and a cost point of view — this is not acceptable, and we are keen to explore solutions that can help us solve this.


We want to have a positive impact on our future and therefore are looking into an industry-wide solution that enables us to empty tankers more effectively. We hope to find a solution to use internally and to share with our supply partners.

We are looking at two main areas;

  1. More effectively emptying the tanker:
    • There must be a smarter way to empty a tanker— a material technology that enables confectionary liquids to flow without sticking to the stainless-steel tanker walls.
    • Examples of such technology exist, however, these are mainly tried and tested on low viscosity fluids and emulsions.
  2. Metering systems for confectionary fluids
    • Metering systems for road tanker fluids is not new technology as the liquid fuel industry has used this for decades.
    • We are looking for a metering system for confectionary fluids which will enable us to be more accurate with our internal accounting and with our supplier invoicing. These could be tanker mounted or installed at plant
Key Success Criteria
  1. Preference will be for commercially available / ready to deploy solutions
  2. Food safe solutions
Possible Approaches
  1. Coating technologies creating a frictionless surface allowing liquids to clear cleanly from the walls
  2. Positive displacement or oval gear flow meters for large diameter pipes
What We Aren't Interested In
  1. We are not interested in solutions that modify the physical or sensory properties of liquids inside the tanker
  2. We are not interested in solutions that do not have proof of concept
Preferred Collaboration types

At this stage, we're open to various types of mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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